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by Zachary Smith on 01/25/14

Lost your motorcycle keys? CALL A-TOWN SAFE & LOCK!

Dealerships don't keep motorcycle key codes on file.EVER! So if you lose your keys and have the bike taken to a dealerships, all that is going to happen is the dealership is going to call a locksmith to come and originate a key to the bike, PERIOD! You are simply paying a middle man when you could be calling a certified locksmith(like me) directly and saving a ton of money. 

Newer Ducati's will cost you around  $2800.00 if you have lost all the keys to your bike. The dealership will replace the the entire ecu and instrument cluster and provide you with 2 keys. If you call A-Town my price is $350 for 2 keys to your Ducati, without replacing a single part. 

Here is a Yamaha R1 from the other day,customers total cost from A-Town was $105.00 :

Jamb Re-Enforcer and New Lock Install

by Zachary Smith on 09/21/13

Customers door had been kicked in. The jamb was split in half and both locks were damaged.  The trim around the door had snapped in half as-well.  I installed a four foot jamb re-enforcer, deadbolt,knob,and new interior trim. The jamb enforcer is secured with twelve 3in screws that anchor to the stud behind the jamb instead of just the jamb. Part of A-Towns job is talking with the customer and deciding what is the most secure route to take and what improvements can be made, not just repairing the damage. Alot of companies can do a repair, with A-town we make sure that the problem isnt just fixed but that your security is upgraded so that it cant happen again. With the jamb re-enforcer i GUARANTEE that this door cant be kicked open again.

In-laws bought a new home!

by Zachary Smith on 09/16/13

The Springer's bought a new home in Douglasville this past week and had entrance knobs but no deadbolts on all three exterior doors. I drilled and prepped all the doors to accept deadbolts and installed the new locks. Also re-keyed the knobs to the same new key as the deadbolts.

If you have exterior doors that don't have deadbolts on them CALL A-TOWN TODAY, without a deadbolt a standard residential door is simply not secure. A knob or lever's primary function is to latch the door, the deadbolt secure's it!

All of A-Town's Locks come with a lifetime warranty!

A-Town update

by Zachary Smith on 09/06/13

A-Town has been busy!

New customer in Mcdonough/Hampton area just bought a house and needed new double cylinder deadbolts installed on all exterior doors. As usual A-Town's prices beat out the rest of the quotes he had gotten. A-TOWN WILL BEAT ALL QUOTES THAT YOU GET!

New locks were all keyed onto one key, installs went smooth. Customer was thrilled with the work as well as the Military discount he received.

Sub-contract safe opening

by Zachary Smith on 08/25/13

A-Town Safe & Lock had sub-contract job today for a call on a safe lockout. Customer called and said he closed the safe last night and couldn't get it open again. I arrived on the job this morning first thing and was able to dial the safe open within 20 minutes WITHOUT PUTTING A HOLE THROUGH IT. While drilling has it purpose and sometimes is the only option, a competent safe technician should use it as a last resort. 

JAG Probation Offices

by Zachary Smith on 08/24/13

Completed a job this past Monday for JAG Probation. JAG had recently renovated their new office space and needed the front door re-keyed on to a new key. Sounds simple enough but when I got there I found an Amarlite style front door that had BOTH mortise cylinders cross threaded into the lock body. When you try to remove a cross threaded mortise cylinder the cylinder will unscrew to a certain point and than just continue to spin, making the removal of the cylinder a job in and of itself. There are a couple options to try but in this case none of the options worked. I guarantee that most locksmith companies would have flat out told the customer a new lock body was needed(some would have even said a new door) or would have damaged the lock body and door trying to remove the cylinders. Not the case with A-Town!

Since the customer was already purchasing new cylinders for his amarlite lock (he needed a different type of cylinder and key than what was installed) and both of the currently installed cylinders were getting trashed, I went ahead and drilled out both cylinders WITHOUT RUINING THE LOCK BODY OR THE DOOR and saving the customer a ton of money. I then removed the lock, thoroughly cleaned and lubricated it(metal shavings from the drill) and re-installed it. Installed new cylinders . Job completed!

Using A-Town Safe & Lock WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!!!!!!!!! 

Mcdonough Job Pictures

by Zachary Smith on 08/18/13


New deadbolt install completed

by Zachary Smith on 08/18/13

Entire house re-keyed on to one key in the McDonough area, as well as installed new double cylinder deadbolts in place of the single cylinder deadbolt that the customer had. If you have a single cylinder deadbolt installed on a door with glass panes at the top or a window close to it your house is vulnerable! The majority of burglarized homes are because this type of the of setup! Call A-Town Safe & Lock today to have your home secured properly! 

All of our locks have a 15 year warranty!

Top quality service with the best prices in Atlanta!


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